What do eclipses and butts have in common?

What do eclipses and butts have in common?

Happy Hump Day!

On the 8th, the moon will completely cover the sun. First of all, it’s pretty crazy that the moon perfectly covers the sun. Not to mention the shadow of the earth can cover the moon too can too.

Nature is truly miraculous and the only true source of magic that we’ve got and if you ask us. It’s all that we need.

Butts are an ancient part of life, nature and our history. They are something that everyone has, everyone celebrates and loves. They are an instrument to play the music of connection, life and love. And because of this, they are something rare, special and damn near magical.

Today in honor of a near once in a lifetime total eclipse, we celebrate nature and it’s wonders that we have the privilege to witness, dive into, slap, squeeze and sleep on.


Butts for all

Team Buttress