What is That Butt Telling You?

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According to a recent study, scientists have found a correlation between butts and intelligence and overall health.


Butts are connected to our minds, bodies and souls. It is located at the center of the human body and literally connects our halves. They are a reflection of our aura and our greater whole.


Next time you see a nice, plump butt, let it speak to you, tell you a story. If you really listen and try to understand, you will begin to see that butts are smiling at the world with their own personalities and expressions. Are they timid or are they eager and confident? Are they well exercised and taken care of or are they needing of some more attention and love? A butt can be more telling than a great smile or healthy looking hair or smooth skin. Hair and skin is so easily moisturized and covered with makeup and a smile, even an honest one, can be temporary and practiced. There are no easy tricks when it comes to the booty. It is pure, raw and natural. The movement, composition and 'life' of a booty all tell their story and we must listen and communicate with the butt to hear its subtle but unmistakably magical voice.


Like fine wine with ten thousand tastes, flourishes and textures, butts are too often generalized as a 'nice butt' or 'double bubble' or 'oh my god look at that butt' but they are so much more. Let us all strive to pay more attention to butts, listen to their stories with an open mind and see them as they are. A keystone piece of our greater whole, the catalyst of life, the focus center of our bodies and the ancient, natural wonder that we can't help but love.


Butts for all,