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    What MLK and Butts have in common

    What MLK and Butts have in common

    There are not a lot of Holidays that we here at TBP observe but MLK Day is one of them. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream but it is hardly unique. Artists have sung about it, authors have written them between the lines and philosophers have talked in circles around it. What MLK Day stands for is not the man, but a reminder of that dream that he gave his life for. The dream of equality, peace and universalism.

    Today, we take time to honor that human, a hero and martyr, and continue the work of generations of dreamers with that same dream. Because butts are one thing about each other that we can't help but love and that we all share despite race, country, religion, gender and even species. It is the ancient catalyst to life, relationships, peace and love. Butts can be the gateway to this dream that is just stupid, funny and sexy enough to move it forward.


    Butts for all,


    Team Buttress


    PS: We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think!

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