Who are buying all these butt pillows??

Who are buying all these butt pillows??

Happy Hump Day!


Although we tried to prevent this, we are all sold out... again. Our next shipment is being rushed in and will arrive early next week when all ORT and OMG pre-orders will go out!

Well, after nearly 5 years in business, it's clear. People want our pillows. People return to us to buy MORE pillows and people are (generally) very happy with our pillows. But who are these people??

From military wives sending them to husbands deployed abroad to white elephants gifts for butt loving friends to couples buying 2 to each sleep on one next to each other to people who want more of the comfort, peace and happiness of a super comfortable booty in their lives and everybody in between, our customers are an extremely diverse group of people.

So diverse that our Facebook ads are 100% broad. All ages, all genders, all demographics, all professions, all relationship statuses... everyone.

There are butt lovers in every walk of life, hidden behind their roles as lawyers, office workers, proper househusbands and housewives and more. It is not just for single people or teenagers or men and no one (okay maybe like 1 dude) actually puts a hole in them (because there's stuff for that and this ain't it). It's for anyone who likes super versatile and comfortable pillows and want more of the feeling of really nice butts around them. Which is... well pretty much everyone.

Take advantage of our pre-order pricing on the ORT and OMG before they go back to normal in less than 1 week. The demand is high, the pillows are top quality, the reviews are very good and all kinds of people are buying them.

Butts are universal, they break through all barriers, nationalities, genders and even species. If everyone focused more on loving butts, there would be less conflict and violence. Because all true butt lovers know... A nice butt is one of the best things on Earth and they are worth protecting.

Thank you for proudly loving butts and sleeping on them.


Butts for all,

Team Buttress

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