Why dogs actually love our pillows

Why dogs actually love our pillows

Happy Hump Day!


Dogs may be one of the most intuitive and best creatures on this planet. And they love butts and not only butts, but they love our butt pillows.


It's a fact, we have had many many customers report their dogs, who make all the rules, claim their pillows as their own. The stats are too high for it just to be a coincidence. Dogs. Love. Our. Pillows.


If we had to guess why, it might be because the shape of the booty and the separate thighs is just a universally wonderful thing that goes across even the boundaries of species. It may be because we use all natural materials and our pillows are amazingly soft and comfortable. Whatever the reason, it's pretty awesome our pillow is 100% dog approved and certified.


Let's take a note from our canine friends and remember to stop and smell the butts. Just don't tell the police that The Buttress Pillow told you to do it.


Butts for all,


Team Buttress