Why we choose butts to be our pillow 🍑

Why we choose butts to be our pillow 🍑
Happy Hump Day Butt Lovers

A lot of people have asked us why we choose to make our pillows after the butt. Here at The Buttress Pillow, we like to walk the line between sexy and universal, classy and savage and that is where we thrive.

We make pillows in the shape of butts because they are both universal and sexy. The love of butts goes across all genders, countries, religions, ethnicities. They are both classy and savage. There is a natural elegance and regality of a nice booty plus a raw, ancient magnetism.

Let us embrace the love of butts for exactly what it is. The natural wonder that we all share and can't help but love.

Butts for all

Team Buttress