Why we choose to look past the uniforms and see the butts

Why we choose to look past the uniforms and see the butts

Happy Hump Day!

I gotta tell you, I don't care whose pointless war I was fighting, if I saw that booty across the battlefield, I wouldn't shoot at it with a firearm... We at the Buttress Pillow know that butts and the people attached to them are worth protecting. Some things are just GOOD and good for everyone.

With everything going on around the world, we would like to remind everyone in our Hump Day emails that everyone likes butts no matter what country it's from. Because butts are peace, they are happiness and I think that everyone in the world can agree.

Let's bring the focus back onto the butt and embrace nature's most comfortable design. And maybe when people can see past the uniforms, the misunderstandings and masks we are forced to put on every day to the nice, round, soft, warm, jiggly butts underneath, we can all get along.


Butts for all and all for butts,


Team Buttress


PS: Also Happy Mother's Day! Moms are pretty great :)


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