Why we DON'T care what color your butt is

Blackout Tuesday The Buttress Pillow

Hey Butt Lover,


George Floyd was not a hero. George Floyd was not a villain. He was a victim in the wrong place, in the wrong time and a catalyst to our proper action. I say this with confidence because I know my fair taste of discrimination. When I came to this 98% great country, I was 98% treated with respect and compassion. But that 2% included me getting beat up on camera, left out of my mostly white school and bullied. But it wasn't police officers, the upholders of the laws of our country, that did it and they did not take my life like that of George Floyd.


It was a monstrous thing that happened to him. Unenlightened people will categorize situations into us vs them (them being anyone or anything different). The deeper root of the problem is ignorance and unrefined human nature. 


Looting, burning and attacking officers is not the way and will only result in collateral damage on the innocent. 98% of these officers are honorable, 98% of these small businesses are honest. The 2% are the ones doing the damage are reveling in the chaos that these racists had created. You can't fight fire with fire against those who like to watch the world burn. It will only tell these people that their actions can have a huge ripple effect and they can exercise their power in this way in their otherwise powerless lives.


In my personal opinion, proper action needs to be sown now in the next generation. No longer can kids be spoiled and told they are the best. No longer can people grow up privileged and shielded, trying desperately to maintain their egos as they grow up by exercising their supposed superiority on others whenever they are given the chance. People need to be cool, understanding, funny, wise and stupid and see the beauty of butts of all colors. This is the ultimate goal of the Buttress Pillow. To unite the world in a not-too-serious, funny, warm and comfortable way full of peace, happiness and love. This has been my goal my entire life.


Below is a song and music video I wrote and produced 6 years ago. The funny thing is that no one listened. It was too direct, unfunny and too serious. Now, Team Buttress has more than 30,000 followers and subscribers and the people that stick with us are the good people that I want to represent our brand.


Thank you for getting it. Platforms like this are the ways we can unite our power and change the world in real ways to make it a better place.


Butts for all butts,