Why we should vote for True Butt Lovers 🍑

Why we should vote for True Butt Lovers 🍑

Happy Hump Day!


Yesterday in the US, it was election day. You've all seen it. The smear campaigns, using others terrible photos and most terrible moments to make the other guy look scary and dangerous. We think it's all BS and that kind of advertising just feels wrong.


A true butt lover would never do this and we need more of them in office and here's why.


1. We are smart but keep it simple. We tend to be very practical people because it just makes sense to love butts.

2. We keep in touch with nature. We accept our roles as just a part of the butt loving species.

3. We love all butts no matter what color, race, religion or country. Because a good butt is a GOOD BUTT.

4. We are open minded and adaptable. Because we are less worried about what's PC and explore naturally. Especially if we are bold enough to sleep on one.

5. We have a moral code. Because we know that if we want to really really want to enjoy the peace and happiness of butts, we need peace of mind.

6. We know winning isn't everything. Because there are more important things in life like each others butts.

7. We cannot lie. Because Sir Mix-a-lot.


We hope you take this into account for the next election day and get more true, noble butt lovers where they belong. Representing our butts.


Butts for all and all for butt lovers,


Team Buttress


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