Why we shouldn't over-worry about Corona and refocus on butts

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Hey Butt Lovers,


Alright so, let's do a little addressing first. Yes, you should wash your hands and yes Purell is the new gold standard. It's not that the virus is not a big deal, it's just not THAT big of a deal.


Like the saying "The thing we have to fear is fear itself," panic is causing more problems than Corona itself. Our factory is in China (far south of the epicenter), and from the first hand source of our production directors it's actually getting BETTER there. I have family in China and they are doing 100% fine. Everyone is back at work and there are no new cases in the province and the overall death toll is relatively low. I mean, if China can handle it, we sure as hell can too.


So, I would like to invite you to shift your focus back to butts. It's springtime, the weather is nice and butts are wearing sundresses and Bikinis. It's the simple things in life and until the world ends, we will continue making the best, most comfortable pillows in the world. Now, back to butts:


Corona virus vs Big butts

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