Why YOU should be sleeping on a butt

Why YOU should be sleeping on a butt

Happy Hump Day Butt Lovers,

Nature has outdone itself. It has created the most comfortable and comforting design in the world and it has been with us all this time. We just couldn't see it...

We took this age old and proven design and refined it to be the perfect sleeping, napping and lounging pillow. Some people may think we're taking it too far but they can't argue with the results.

We spent nearly a year developing the first pillow to make sure the softness was perfect, the shape was both functional and beautiful and the materials are of the highest quality and all natural. We didn't cut any corners and we strive to do justice to all butts everywhere with out creation.

If you've purchased our product, thank you. You took the leap and came out the other side to a much more comfortable, peaceful and Bootyful home. If you didn't and are still skeptical, we invite you to try our pillow for 30 nights and if it isn't everything we say it is, return it risk free.

What's there to lose? And there's a lifetime of peace, happiness and sweet sweet Booty sleep to gain.

Butts for all,

Team Buttress