Words from our Butt Lovers

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I love butts. I think about butts and I am proud to shout it to the world. And I am not alone...


The Buttress Pillow is at its first year in business. We have shipped the peace and happiness of our butts to tens of thousands of new loving homes. We have earned 4.7 stars on Amazon, 4.9 stars on Facebook and found more than 30,000 Butt Lovers following us on Facebook, our Butt Lovers Club email group and Instagram. We engage with our people and consider us all part of a special breed of people that have united under the simple love of butts.


The Butt Lovers Club is a group of both men and women, from all countries, of all religions and of all races. We respect butts of all kinds and honor this beautiful and natural wonder that we all share. Even animals have butts! Recently, we ran a giveaway and asked our Butt Lovers to share their thoughts on butts and our pillow and we got drawings, poems, photos and so much more. Here are some of the over 100 submissions. Thank you all for participating and being the unique, butt loving individuals that you are.


We will make the world a much more Bootyful place, in the name of all butts.


Butts for all,


Jia and the Butt Bringers


First of all I want to tell you I Love my pillow. When I ordered it, I was in Iraq. I took a lot of grief from the logos on the box but within a week, there were about 8 other guys that liked it so much they ordered their own. Lying down at night in the middle of a combat zone with my Buttress Pillow took comfort to a whole new level. My Buttress Pillow reminded my that we serve to protect fine back sides everywhere. 


-Bill T



The special thing about lounging with you is how you fit my frame. Caressing your curves easing stress, and pain. Building me up, my ego soars. Getting comfy no longer is a chore. Sitting up, laying down or face first between your cheeks. Quality construction so you’re here to stay. Sideways you smile all the time. Not having the buttress should be a crime.


-Rebecca S



About 10 years ago I had an accident at work and injured my lower spine. Over the years, I was put through several surgeries in an attempt to remove the pain. The last one involved the implantation of a spinal stimulator. Although this does mitigate the pain somewhat while standing, laying down is a whole other story. A change in the angle of my neck can cause a strange and irritating pulsating from the stim unit to arise while prone. I’ve tried many other pillows but they have always been susceptible to compression and therefore allowing the pulsing to return. So far the Buttress has been holding up amazingly by allowing me to sleep mostly face down and still breathing cool air. I look forward to some of the best sleep I’ve had in the last ten years. 


-Edgar D