Yes, we like ALL these Butts.

Yes, we like ALL these Butts.

Hello Butt Lovers,


Recently, the media has shown us that there has been a lot of racial hate going around. As an immigrant, I have personally experienced what it is like to be pushed around but it wasn't because I'm Asian. "Stop Asian Hate" is the same as "Black Lives Matter." Racism is the same as sexism, ageism and a dozen other 'isms.' It has always been about us vs them. We just need to bridge the gap and butts are a very good motivator.


In this new age of Booty, if I see a nice butt, I'll like it no matter the color. Borders are blurring, walls are falling and all kinds of people all over the world are celebrating together and sharing the simple joy of each others butts.


Remember, the closer we get to each other, the closer we get to butts.


Jia and The Butt Bringers