Young Butt Love vs Mature Butt Love

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Do you remember the days, perhaps in High School, when you fell head over heels with the first love of your life?


The burning sensation in your chest, the changes and wanting to be near that booty and thinking about it so much that you can’t sleep at night? It is a powerful feeling and by the effect it has, it is very real… but it is often misguided.


At that time, no one was sure of who they were. Even if we were lucky enough to have the feeling be mutual and entered the first ‘relationship’ of our lives, we were kids entering into a powerful contract that we could not fully understand. We had no idea how much of an affect it would have on each others hearts, growth and souls. Young booty love is born from the discovery of these brand new feelings, much different and stronger than anything we have felt before. Young love is blind and primal.


Mature Booty love is much different. It is born out of respect, admiration, mutual benefit and the refinement of emotions. If young booty love is a blazing bonfire, mature booty love is a sturdy fireplace. I personally feel like I am 50 years old despite my age of 27. I have been homeless, a street musician, found and lost loves grand and petty and much more. My life has not been easy and I definitely understand pain and struggle. Because of this, I have found solace for my heart comes from more mature and relatable booty. People that I believe truly deserve the best in the world, even though they stay humble and quiet. They are the ones that will be your partner, think of what’s best for you, show true empathy. They are not just a conduit for their own self-feeling emotions, they are tempered with balance and grace. Mature booty love is deeper and more true than any young booty love can be (and when it is deeper and true, love making gets so much better and realer).


When you are in booty love, sometimes it may feel like you are a wagon being pulled by the wild strength of untamed emotions. It took me a long time of being pulled off cliffs to find out who I am and what I want. While you are young, it is the time to make mistakes and feel the extent of new emotions. But the only thing that lasts is my mature booty love and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


Here’s to booty love,