"Your ad was disapproved"

Buttress Pillow Booty butt blog ad disapprove

"Your ad was disapproved"

Get some buttress pillow

Disapproved for: Sexually-provocative


Appeal: "Getting some butts is not necessarily sexual, if you were just going to sleep on the butts..."


Status: Repealed and active


we sell butts buttress pillow

Disapproved for: Misleading


Appeal: "I mean we are probably the only company that actually does sell butts. This is 100% accurate"


Status: Active and running


Grab yours ad buttress pillow

Disapproved for: Too much skin shown


Appeal: "C'mon this is hilarious and we have a great website, customer experience and high ratings... plus don't you guys like butts?"


Status: Still disapproved


As a brand we embrace the fine line between what's appropriate and what's not and we LOVE it here. We never take ourselves too seriously and are always looking to advertise in a way that will make you smile, laugh, stare and for some, unfunny people, feel offended.


Above are 2 samples of our ads across some platforms that we have been in a consistent conversation with compliance teams about the appropriateness of these ads. Needless to say, we are famous with them and deal with them every couple days and we think it's absolutely hilarious.


Let us know what you think about our ads. We find them 100% more awesome than 99% of those boring brands and ads out there. Let us know YOUR ideas for ads and if we use them, you shall be rewarded in BOOTY.

Butts for all,


Jia and the Butt Bringers