The Buttress Pillow Spandex Undies

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The Buttress Pillow Spandex Undies

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Info Photos & videos Why butts?

Get some undies for your pillow!

The washable and wearable Buttress Pillow Spandex Undies are comfortable to lay on and brings out the curves of the pillow cheeks. High quality and tagless, they are a great addition to any Buttress Pillow. Any medium size undies will fit the Buttress (with some stretch for the ORT and OMG) but if you don't have them laying around the house, we got you covered. Now available in 10 colors!

    It's good to sleep on a butt.

    No matter who you are or where you come from, there's something truly special about a nice, soft, and well-shaped booty. It's a natural wonder that brings us comfort, joy, and a child-like sense of giddiness. That's why we created the Buttress Pillow, a functional and comfortable pillow that captures the peace and happiness of a perfect booty.

    Our patented design is incredibly versatile and can be used in many relaxing positions. The separate thighs provide ample air flow, and you can adjust the pillow's height by bringing them closer together or farther apart. Plus, the sweet spot is ergonomically designed to cradle your head right in the thick of it - between the soft thighs and cheeks.

    Not only is The Buttress Pillow a great pillow, but it's also a joy to look at. Burying your face into it like a massage table is 100% recommended, and you'll feel your stress literally melt away. It's not meant to be over-sexualized, but rather appreciated for nature's most comforting design and used more in our everyday lives.

    So why not give the Buttress Pillow a chance to blow your mind? Join us in this wonderful world of booty sleeping, napping, and chilling, and find the happiness and peace that comes from a well-shaped butt every day. We think you'll like it here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    it kinda

    fit great in the pillow and sexy

    Angelika Witoslawska

    The Buttress Pillow Spandex Undies

    Armando Flores
    Just one request....

    This has been a fantastic product all around; ALOT to love.
    But I have some ideas I'd like to contribute.

    1: Have you guys ever considered making a jeans pillow case for your product?? I'm pretty sure there's a market for it, because i know not the only one out here who like them big butts in jeans ESPECIALLY.

    2: Also, perhaps for your next Pillow model, what do you guys think about a XXL Buttress Pillow for those who like'em Super huge (like, beanbag size) ?? You could call it the BBJ (the Big Booty Judy).

    Joe Daniels
    Great Butt

    This is probably the best pillow I've ever had I have 2 of them loved them both

    Comfy Pillow!

    I love my new buttress pillow!

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