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    Edison invented electricity in the 19th century. Ford invented the automobile in the 20th. Now, the creation that will define the 21st is finally here...

    You've heard the rumors but now it's 100% real. The OMG Look At That Buttress Pillow has arrived and is LIVE on our website! Bigger, fatter and badder, she is guaranteed to captivate the imaginations of all true butt lovers. The batch itself is the best we've received as well: softer, plumper and a joy to jiggle, squeeze, snuggle and face bury featuring the new softer and smoother milk silk yoga-pant cover. This is truly the best pillow in the world, we're willing to bet on it.

    Come see for yourself and if you don't absolutely love it, return it. All orders over $99 ships free in the US!


    Butts for all,


    Team Buttress


    Butts OMG is bigger than:

    Buttress Pillow bootyButtress Pillow JeansButtress pillow booty

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