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The Buttress Pillow, greatest pillow in human history, has a humble beginning.

It all started with just another butt lover: Jia (pronounced Jai). He had loved butts his entire life but because of his traditional upbringing, he tried to hide his love, trying desperately not to be 'shallow' or stare at walking butts too much. These were desperate times.

It all changed he met Anna, his employer and lover who had a 'cute' butt. After 2 months together Jia had found that he miraculously grew her butt from 'cute' to a double bubble plus. It was then when 1. he knew more than ever that butts were the best thing in the world and 2. he had a real talent for making butts.

2 years later, he decided to act. His world was Bootyful but he wanted to share the magic of Booty with the world and do it right (plus make his world even more Bootyful). So, inspired by various amazing butts, he created the prototype. The very FIRST Buttress Pillow.

Confident that he was not alone in his love of butts, he launched his Kickstarter and was funded in less than 1 day! This funded the first 1000 ODB pillows: The Original Double Bubbles. He sent out every pre-order and was happy with them but not satisfied. He wanted to create the best pillow on earth, not only because it was a great butt, but because it was the most comfortable pillow you could imagine.

3 years later in 2020, Team Buttress created the OMG, the next generation of buttech which was bigger and better than ever. We have been championed by celebrities like Craig Robinson, Daymond John, Jen Selter and Stephen Glickman. We have earned 4-5 star ratings on Amazon, Facebook, Google and Etsy and sent tens of thousands of pillows all over the world to their new, happy and loving homes.

Now, we know we're not alone. We know that butts are the natural wonder that we can't help but love. We know it is the most comforting design on earth. We know it is good to love butts freely and openly.

Looking ahead, we strive towards a more happy, peaceful and Bootyful world. Butts cross all barriers of country, race, sex, religion and even species. It is the bridge, the source of life, comfort, warmth and love. And we are just getting started.

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We invite you to see and feel the fruits of our labor and passion. Nothing is as good as the real thing but we are getting pretty damn close. We captured the magic of the perfect booty, put it into cloud soft, super comfy and all natural material, formed it into our patented functional and ergonomic design and wrapped it into silky smooth, washable yoga pants. If you don't absolutely love it, return it risk-free within 30 nights!

We hope that you join us on our mission for a much more Bootyful world,

Butts for all,

Team Buttress

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Jia G.

CEO / Founder

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Brad P.

Booty Development

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Becca T.


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Jason M.

Butt Packer

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