Extra ORT Yoga pant Outer Cover



Extra ORT Yoga pant Outer Cover



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ORT (Our Royal Thighness) yoga pant cover

Change it up! Purchase extra yoga pant covers of different colors for your ORT pillow. Machine washable and easy to slip on. Soft spandex/nylon material and silky smooth, yoga-pant texture with self sealing flap. Premium quality and made by the same manufacturers as top yoga pant brands.

Note: Put on the yoga pant cover with the opening of the pocket (the self sealing flap at the waist) facing down towards the flat side! Smooth it out so it fits your pillow perfectly.

It's good to sleep on a butt.

No matter who you are or where you come from, there's something truly special about a nice, soft, and well-shaped booty. It's a natural wonder that brings us comfort, joy, and a child-like sense of giddiness. That's why we created the Buttress Pillow, a functional and comfortable pillow that captures the peace and happiness of an amazing booty.

Our patented design is incredibly versatile and can be used in many relaxing positions. The separate thighs provide air flow and can be adjusted to your sleeping position. Plus, the sweet spot is ergonomically designed to cradle your head right in the thick of it - between the soft thighs and cheeks.

Not only is The Buttress Pillow a great pillow, it's also a joy to look at. Burying your face into it like a massage table is 100% recommended and you'll feel your stress literally melt away. It's not meant to be over-sexualized but rather appreciated for what it is: Nature's most comforting and lovable design which we believe should be used more in our everyday lives.

So why not give the Buttress Pillow a chance to blow your mind? Join us in this wonderful world of booty sleeping, napping, and chilling and find the peace, comfort and happiness that comes from a well-shaped, super comfortable and functional butt every day and night. We think you'll like it here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlos Johnson

Extra ORT Yoga pant Outer Cover



Bill N.
New Cover is Over the Moon

I'm over the moon with joy for this cover that goes over my Butt Pillow! Not that I could ever get tired of resting my head on a near perfect butt, but now having two different color yoga-pant covers means I can switch them up and keep it interesting. They are a little snug going on but the payoff is in the awesome fit. This new cover is just as soft and silky as the first. My wife has even gotten in on the fun and donated a pair of her pink flowered panties that fit the ORT great and are a perfect match with the red yoga-pant cover!

William Jesko
Colors are strange

I just received my first pillow, and the red is in no way red, and is entirely pink. Even the picture on this page is correct, but not what I received.

Spare cover review

So I purchased the blue cover and it is more of a light blue than expected, however it is still a nice cover. I have zero complaints, fits perfect, shipped quickly, and is just as soft as the cover that came with my ORT model.

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