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The Catalyst of Booty

Our Buttress Pillow may very possibly be the best pillow in the world, but nothing beats the real thing... and we're here to help with that too!   Have you ever had...

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How to Approach the Booty

There it is… That nice butt there in one of its natural environments: the bar. What next?   She (or he but for this post we’ll be using she) is sitting with...

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The Pursuit of Booty

There is only one goal in life: get the Booty, and not just any Booty… Rightful Booty   A lot of people ask what motivates me. It’s simple… Booty. Team Buttress does...

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How to Grow the Butt

My ex-woman, the one who inspired the Buttress Pillow, had a cute butt when I first met her. Within months, it had become a Double Bubble without her gaining weight.   People...

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Say it... you like that Butt

Since I was young, I have always loved the butt.   I couldn't tell you why but it was always there, drawing me in. There was something so round and so amazing...

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Who We Are

In 2018, when the world was in desperate need of more butts...   Jia was trying to sleep in his hotel room in Singapore. He was thinking about his woman's amazing butt...

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